Monday, February 27, 2017

Working a Mystery

I finished the Autumn row for Seasons. While all I got done yesterday was the center block of the row, I had cut all pieces for the other two blocks & they went together quickly.

As I look at the quilt, some times I think about going back and re-doing something. For instance, one leaf on the red (bitten) apple and the outline of the lighter pear do not show up as much as they could if a darker thread was used. At first I thought it was easy enough to change. However, the same thread is used for all appliqu├ęs. I could also change one of the heart blocks above. I try to chose much more carefully now with the ones I am making. I do the best I can with what I have. This one is so bright and cheery.

I stopped to consider that this IS a mystery quilt and results are what you get if you are simply building the mystery. That reminded me of a song I REALLY like by Sarah McLachlan. Most of the words are a bit radical, but these last lines apply to this situation:
Yeah, you're working,
Building a mystery,
Holding on and holding it in,
Oh yeah you're working,
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully
You're building a mystery.
 When I first joined a mystery quilt-along many years ago now, it stretched me in so many ways, yet when it was finished, I was in awe of the work. Since then, I have joined several, while all the time whining about not knowing what comes next. Some turned out awesome and some were ho-hum. However, I learned it was about my choices, and that I needed to pay attention to the pattern that might name fabrics in light, medium, bright, or darks.

When I make a choice to deviate is when the end product is without magick, without mystery. It is a lesson in trust.

I don't know how this one will turn out. I am already thinking about borders and binding, and there is one more row to go in April. So much could change. I am holding on & holding it in.