Saturday, February 18, 2017

Everything is a UFO These Days

Sigh. Big Sigh actually. Shakespeare said, "Though patience be a tired mare, yet she will plod." I feel like that lately.

Working with UFO's is done in an effort to finish something started and abandoned. Abandoned because passion flew from it? Abandoned because it was frustratingly complicated? Whatever. They are not fun to do, not fun to re-visit, and not fun to let sit.

The block count came up shy by five. That means re-tracing the steps and building five more blocks. No photo. I was going to say 'no photo for failure' and didn't want to admit it, but I HAVE failed and couldn't finish the step. Oh wait, it is a BOM so there is time and here I am beating myself up over not being done with it. I think I got in a funk when I saw the blocks others put up. They buy coordinating fabrics and mine are scrappy. That's the plan, but today, it just bugged me.

And then I worked on the beach towel tote. It is almost finished. I need to hand stitch the binding, buy strapping and add them and its done and ready to head to the mighty blue Pacific. It really is going to be gorgeous and most of it is scrappy. I found the pattern so I could use up the Charm pack I just got in a swap. I found a strawberry on black print that has been itching to be used but was laying on the bottom of a bin and found two other scraps for the sides and binding.

So no finishes. Just two UFO's plodding along.