Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cats Quilt & a Wolf

The rows of cats for the Cat quilt are lined up, some sitting left, some sitting right. And all of them quite unique in fabrics that came from....you got it...my closet!

I am quite pleased with this one and want to add a couple of borders around it. Obviously, my list of fabrics to buy is growing. What I cannot seem to do is 'quilt down' the current stash of fabrics. There are 36 cats in this quilt, all different. Nothing needed to match or coordinate and they all go together, just like cats. Most have pointed ears. Now, the project has gone to the bottom of the list as a lower priority for finishing right now, though I plan to finish it this year before the holidays.

Fabric came for the Wolf panel I want to use for a birthday gift later in March. I am considering an attic window quilt pattern. There is a tutorial on You Tube that shows the panel cut into 20 blocks at 7"x10". The image is closer to the window frame, and cutting windows for its face/eyes at that size would cut right between the eyes and that really breaks up the energy of the great Wolf. I Googled more images for attic window quilt examples, and found this picture window shape that would work better for it. I would still want to make panes that use three colors; one for the sill, one for the side, one for sashing. Then it gets a border, backing and binding. With only 9 blocks to it, it would go together easier than the 20 blocks in the tutorial. 

However, it is still going to be hard to cut into it. The plan I am leaning toward keeps the panel whole, puts borders around it, and then uses a shadow quilting stitch. As much as I love that attic window look, there might not be enough time to get it done and shipped in time for the birthday. I have a book of border ideas and may spend time looking through it and thinking a bit more before cutting. Either way, I need to buy fabric so this project is not at all scrappy.

The longer I look at the picture I took, the more it seems that doing borders is a better answer. Looks like I am headed to the big city this weekend to shop!