Thursday, March 2, 2017

2 BOMs & a Birthday Gift

I was up late last night. I try not to cut or even use the machine just in case I am so tired that I damage my own skin as well as a project. 

Fabric selection starts first with any project. The 2 Mystery BOM's both have designated fabrics. This one is the Harvest collection and asked for a Light, Medium and Dark. The Light certainly takes over, but again, its a Mystery so I don't know how it will be used on the quilt and if I don't like it when the assembly takes place, I can re-do it.

The next one is almost the reverse calling for more Darks on the block. I've put it with the first two to show how they are coming. Its always a challenge for me to be in the Mystery, yet, as I learned and recently seem to say, I love how they turn out!

The other project I worked on is a mid-June birthday gift for one of my Granddaughters. I made myself one and love it so much that she might use hers to carry linens (pillows, blankets & towels) for camping. It is pinned for hand sewing the binding and then the straps go on. I love the lining fabric which was leftover and such a gorgeous piece I didn't want to cut into smaller squares. I will do that with the leftovers now which are all pretty much scraps.

And the remainder of my day is listening to Jungian lectures!