Friday, March 17, 2017

In Between Times

There is a long-standing tradition about the 'tween' times as holding magick; those times just before sunrise or sunset, just as the ocean touches the sand; or when you hold your breath and exhale; or that moment between being alone and falling in love. It is that space that separates one moment from another, one day from the next. We all have our own magickal moments that signal life and death, sadness and joy.

Well so it is with quilting projects.

Especially now that I have felt great joy in finishing one UFO and then looking at the list on my blog sidebar only to discover that there are others, more, next.

And so, the next thing I did in the studio was to bring out my warmer-weather clothes which are also kept in one of the closets, go through my kitchen towels converting some to rags, and exchanging Winter towels for Spring/Summer, and then to put away my Winter Village. The Spring Village is ready to go up, yet for another day. It was a still day and it was a good day.