Saturday, March 11, 2017

Colorizing Scraps

I decided to make another tote...camping, beach. What it does is to carry a LOT of linens whether they are pillows or towels or other fabric items. It is big enough and works.

After asking my eldest Granddaughter if she camped and if she took such things on her trips, I decided to make another tote. Thing is, I have a lot more 4" squares than I do 5" which got thinned out in the last few projects. I went to the calculator and realized I could sew 6 across and 10 down to get the same size. Then the small bin they were in was such a mess. It is colorized now and this is what I pinned together in rows. 

Bobbins are loaded for quilting the red/white/blue quilt and so this project will wait until then.