Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Salamander Mug Rug

Of course I work to complete what is going, yet I do have a couple of new projects to keep that love of new things started. I find that I cannot just work on them no matter how good finishing makes me feel.

This is a finish of a new project that is going to the Reptile/Amphibian Spirit Guide exchange on SwapBot. I love the image, love how it worked on a scrap of red I had and love how it looks laying on a piece of gray fabric. I wanted the complete focus on the Salamander so chose to do binding and the back in the same gray. 

Most people who know me know that I am a huge fan of Animal Spirit Guides. The Salamander has numerous messages for us that often focus on living in connection with Nature as well as asking us to use our time wisely.

Another project I worked on was to complete another row on the Cat quilt. It will need a small white border around the center piece, and then I have a lovely new green fabric I just bought for the final border and binding, as well as a sweet pink floral with lots of green on it for the back. This one will need to wait until I buy more batting. I do have three quilts I'd like to ship out in the fall & all need batting.