Thursday, March 16, 2017

Finishing the Mystery Quilt UFO

One thing I am quite aware of is that there is a huge sense of accomplishment when I finish a UFO.

Yet, when it is still unfinished, all I want to do is avoid it. This one was a Mystery Quilt, so I gathered two colors and a background color as per the instructions. Instructions were in reds and greens for the holiday, but I had made enough holiday quilts, and so decided to make more a patriotic theme. I forgot that reds and blues bleed. Before I basted it to the batting and back, I did wash the top with Color Catchers that both turned purple. The white in the top did not bleed. And so that was a smart choice.

The reason this quilt became a UFO was that I felt inept regarding the points. Close up is different that farther away. It is actually fine. Nice. Acceptable. The points look like they work. The first wash took out the potential bleed. A box of the Color Catchers with laundry instructions releases me of all obligations once it is given away.

I put on an audiobook while I finished the binding. I remember watching the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, so this book is fun. The reader has a southern accent; the book is written with Sookie as narrator of the story. It is fun to listen to and is the first of the series, so I hope to listen to them all. Audiobooks work for me while I quilt because I do not need to look up & its easy to pay attention to my work. Obviously, I could not do it if I need to cut.