Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Judgment Card Mug Rug

My next project is another one of the Mug Rugs for a swap. This one is a Tarot Card Makeover. I shuffled my deck and drew out the Judgment card. 

Usually this is seen as an angel trumpeting over a grave yard, raising the dead. It is, symbolically a wake-up call to the person getting the reading for something they need to look at, perhaps something they have been avoiding. I found an angel with trumpet silhouette. It was easy to machine quilt. I included smaller squares on one side as a border and put two layers of Ultra-bright heat resistance so it can be used in the kitchen without fear of those hot pots.

Funny thing is that the class lecture is about becoming more aware of our shadow and waking up to what we are wanting NOT to hear. 

I was close to buying backing fabric for the Grinch scrap quilt. The simple 1-yard focus on the top is in teal and I had another Santa skiing fabric that is a tinch darker but works. I cut to size and joined two pieces as a whole fitting the top. The quilt is still a UFO waiting for batting. This ski fabric makes the quilt reversible with a whole different look. It is a real challenge to shop FIRST from my closet and is getting harder, in fact. When I say first, it is that I want to explore options in the closet bins before going to the store. Thing is, when I go to the store and buy what is needed for a specific pattern, there is always some leftover! It is my hope that he will love the look.