Sunday, March 5, 2017

BOM Pieced

I went shopping today and picked up fabric for several projects, and ordered the Grinch fabric online. Most of the choices were out of stock already, however my first choice for the borders was still there, so I got a yard of it.

When I look at the Mystery quilt picture, I see things I might have changed, but have decided (at least in this moment) to let them go through as they are. What I want to take away from it is the lessons about fabric choices. Every one I am doing right now calls for selecting Light, Medium, Bright and Dark. When it is a Mystery, I can see how important it is to be very aware of those categories. I think I got confused for the Mediums in a few of the blocks. I may have edged them over the line and used them for Darks. It is my hope that the Grinch focus fabric will really take over. This one I just finished is not as pretty as some of the quilts other members made by buying coordinating fabrics or keeping it monochromatic with the combo. Well, I used up a LOT of scraps, and it will be welcomed by this man because of the Grinch. The back will be a plain muslin so a plain white thread most likely will work best for machine quilting.

With all the fabric I just bought, I will be keeping busy for awhile before needing a batting order, which will come next.