Monday, March 13, 2017

White on White

I started machine quilting the Red/White/Blue quilt with white thread. The back is white too, and I decided to quilt the lines horizontal. It took me a little while to lay out the quilt and think of options.

Its hard to see in the photo because of the lack of contrast, yet that is the whole idea. Its about half way done and while this probably should be easy, it is still weighty. I don't really want to work on other projects until this quilt is done, from the machine quilting to the hand sewing of the binding. It was a UFO and so my goal is to complete it and not have it wait for another time. It is going to take me the rest of this week, I am sure.

Meanwhile I went outside to pull the first bucket of weeds. I barely got things done in front of the window here by my desk. Weeds are coming up I haven't seen for years, and of course they have DEEP roots already. I think weeding will be a constant task this year with as much rain has fallen.