Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wolf Panel Finish

Someone once said that it is not where we come from, or even where we are that tells our story. It is where we are going that matters. 

I really love this panel quilt. Well, what I actually love is the Wolf. I love all the dreams and stories about wolves.

No matter which thread color I would have selected, it would look like 'damage' to the image, even though it is quilting and that is what a quilter does....she quilts. From this distance across the room, you cannot even see the stitches. I used the same brown to bind it as was on the last border. I wanted to make another green border and then add another brown, but scrap quilting uses what you have and I didn't have enough of the green to do it. The quilt measures 52x71, which is fine for a lap quilt. 

The pinwheels add a very nice dimension to it as well. I would have used that same white for the back except that it has a glitter to it that would make it scratchy. That was not appealing to me so I used a white muslin instead. Actually, I wish I bought a beige but thought white went better with the white pinwheels. It looks fine.

Because of the ROM (row of the month) quilt I am making, I realize the value of using small blocks in a row. And in this case, I love the look that came from it. My quilt projects evolved over time. I always thought I would do more of the free motion quilting and never got into it. Most of my work this year is finishing up those UFOs as well as using fabrics in my closet. Once I get those projects done, maybe, just maybe I can commit to free motion. No promises. No pressure. Not sure if that is where I am going.