Sunday, March 26, 2017

Camping Tote Finish

I finished the third tote bag in this pattern, designed to hold beach towels, pillows or other camping linens. I kept the first one, sent the second one to a Granddaughter and it will ship out to another Granddaughter when I get to the PO.

This one was made with 4" squares rather than the 5" charms used on the first two totes, so I added more to the width and length to get near to the correct measurements of the pattern. I was surprised how many different varieties for quilted totes are out there. It all depends upon fabric choices, and once again, buying fabric to match an outfit or stay in a color theme is different from scrap quilting. These turned out nicely, so I plan to dip into the scrap bins and make some different sizes for more totes.

I checked my sidebar list for the next UFO projects. I moved some things around on it because I know that some UFOs take more commitment than others to make. The goal is to take a UFO, working on it to completion or to the stage where it needs a purchase of fabric or batting. Right now, I need 5 packages of batting for potential finishes on this year's quilts. I want to keep working on the projects and create a list of fabrics I need for them, which I do not have right now. 

I just bought fabric to finish both top and bottom of the Cat quilt, and some other pieces to finish at least one more.

And then, yes, I added some new projects. In learning about myself, I know that I NEED to have something new going on. I cannot just make my work, this year, only about finishing. Both beginnings and endings are important to integrate in life as well as in my work. 

The two mug rugs I listed for SwapBot Exchanges are from swaps I am hosting. One is for a Reptile/Amphibian Spirit Guide. The partner I have for it will get a Salamander. I found a Salamander logo that I can use as a template. Just have to find fabrics. The other swap was for a Tarot Card makeover. I took a deck out, shuffled and pulled the Judgment Card. After looking at many Judgment cards, I decided to make a mug rug with an Angel blowing a Trumpet. The intention for the card makeover is for it to be a wake-up call, and I want to make it positive and something useful all year long. Again, its all about colors!