Monday, March 20, 2017

Neighborhood Quilt

I set this BOM quilt away because the green fabric I had for sashing was being used underneath my Winter Village, which is down now & put away. Fabric is washed and ready to cut. 

Typical of the UFO's I work on, there is so much more to doing them when I return to the project. I left it thinking all I had to do was add sashing. Hah! Threads need clipping, and each row needs to measure up the same width. So I started doing that part, which could take me a couple of days.

I did finish hand sewing the binding on the camping towel tote while I was on the train yesterday. I need to buy strapping for it when I shop on the weekend.

I did not realize how much work meeting my commitment to work on and finish the UFO's in my closet would be. I mean it is really work. It starts with regenerating passion about the project. Luckily with the Neighborhood quilt, it will go to my youngest Great-Neice and is part of the quilts I plan to send to all of them (3 grrrls and a boy). There is no hurry as they were not planned for this year as gifts. And that is part of the downside of these projects. 

For such a long time, I pushed myself to complete them in order to ship them off as gifts. Now they are allowed to linger.

My gardens call for attention these days. Most of the work is weeding and pruning back winter kill on the larger plants. Its quite easy to fill the trash bin each week. I need to move some of the mulch from one section to another. It is best not to have bare ground and so the mulch will come from areas where the plants, like mint, have taken off already.