Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach Tote #2

I was delighted to finish another one of the Beach Towel Totes. I liked using the 5" charms, as well as finding scraps for the inside lining and the two sides.

Here is the bottom of the Tote. Its the part of the tote that gets missed. I loved using odd combinations and lined them up in rainbow-like rows. The piece takes five across and 8 long to make the full outside of the tote. It is a large enough tote to carry pillows or towels. 

This time, I put in my rolled up lap quilt & a king sized pillow.

The top of the tote shows green fabric with pink flowers and green leaves for the lining, a side panel, the two straps and the rolled up quilt. Its so easy to carry with linens of any kind needed for the trip. The straps let you carry it over your arm. Its a hard tote to photograph so a person can see how it works. I just love it and hope that my Granddaughter will enjoy it when she goes camping again this Summer. 

I have become fascinated with totes and signed up for a tutorial that comes from a woman in Australia. She uses quite different words than we do...wadding instead of batting, for instance. Eventually, I would like to replace the cheap bags I have for fabric totes. Some time ago I made one to carry the quilt parts to the clubhouse for basting and I love, love, love it. It is far too large to carry really heavy objects in it but the quilting projects are perfect.