Friday, March 3, 2017

BOM Fail

For whatever reason one of the facilitators for a Block of the Month group bailed on month #10, posted some quick borders and gave an idea for a layout and left. One woman on the group voiced disappointment and her comment got a lot of defending comments for the group leader. Oh jeeze. Then woman #1 apologized. FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH. The others 'accepted her apology and suggested she get on with it by finishing the project or finding another one'. I left the group.

Seriously, whatever happened to the facilitator, either she or one of her close friends might have explained it rather than to leave it to our own creativity. 

Done with that trauma drama.

I have pinned my blocks to the final suggested design. After it gets pieced, I will look at options for borders and am thinking I will order some Grinch fabric, which seems appropriate, and make it for one of my Godson's in Minnesota. The focus fabric will draw the attention to it and not the blocks inside the center. 

It took me awhile to trim the blocks to fit together. One of the suggestions from the facilitator was to make more blocks for a different design. I am not investing in more for it. Pictures will follow when it has more of a finished look. For now, it is a UFO.