Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Basted Wolf

I spent yesterday working on some Spring Equinox gifts for my Grands and Greats. Most of them are ready, and then I remembered that I need to ship this Wolf Quilt on Friday as well. It was too late to get the clubhouse so I took it to my floor.

Then half way through, I realized there were not enough basting pins so I thread basted. There is not enough of the dark green to do another border so it is what it is and is actually a bit larger than my own favorite lap top, so she will be fine with this size. I want to do an outline stitch around the Wolf, and some of the rocks and trees and then will do a simple shadow stitch on the borders. I selected a white muslin rather than the beige because of the whites in the pinwheels. That makes it a challenge for quilting threads. I have to keep going full out if it is going to be ready for Friday.

After a bad experience with a lost package, I will pay the extra to have all my quilts signed for from now on. The insurance was supposed to be for $50 and that is a joke.