Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Row Houses

Measuring, adding background, pressing and measuring again. What I wanted to do was to measure from the longest row that was joined, which turned out to be about 61" and I am going with that first.

At this point, its all about the rows and not the order they go in. At least for now. This one is actually Row #3. It is my hope that they will go together without too much more juggling. It IS easy to rip a house block and change it. If the rows need more to make them all measure up, it is easy to add to one end. As I worked on them today, they ended up really close.

The first row has a red house, barn and silo. The big thing, yet again, with my quilts is that they are made from scraps in my closet. It gets to be busy so what will save it, even though it is also scrappy, is the blue sky background. Also the green sashing from one piece of fabric will help. It has a soft batik look to it.

The second row got that bigger house towards the middle, so I am strongly leaning toward switching the gray-castle-like one to fit at the other end. The top two shown here have threads clipped, are measured the same and pressed. This one needs all that work, and the last row which lays on third is yet to measure out correctly. 

The last row has a tent, which replaced a boat block on the original pattern. The flaps open and once the sashing is on, I will find a way to secure one of the flaps open.  It is a mighty busy quilt. Mighty busy. But my guess is that it will work very nicely. My next step is cutting the green for the sashing and side borders. Its going to be a rather large quilt with the house rows measuring 60" without a border, so I am not sure a second one will go on it. Things change, and all I can do is keep going on it.