Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Neighborhood Top

Phew...this is a big quilt for those I usually make. It took a lot to trim to size and add extensions to a couple of ends.

Unfortunately, it goes back to being a UFO for now. Seams need checking and loose threads need to be clipped. Just not today. Sometimes when a quilt has endless details to it, I like to set it aside and work on other projects. I feel that way now.

And because it is such a dark day outside, the light doesn't show well into the room for a clear photo. However, the top is done. I plan to use the same green as binding and it is enough. As I worked on it, I thought about doing a back by joining 10" squares I have cut and are sitting in my stash. I might pull them out and see what could happen. There are so many random lines in it too that I believe machine quilting with a diagonal stitch would work on both sides.