Thursday, October 23, 2014

A plan for scraps

One of the plans I have this year for scraps is making backs from them. And again, part of it is working with making them look random. Hah!

I got an idea from a picture (no pattern) and played with the dimensions until it worked out to use an 8.5" square for the center with 2.5" borders. When it comes together, it will be quite busy so having a formula like that gives a person's eye some order. After that, anything goes! I pieced several of the smaller strips and see how they could contribute to the creation of a mug rug. The tinier pieces finally got tossed.

This is all part of the clean-up process to end this year's work. I know that some folks take the itty bitties and do more with them, but I have reached my limit now with what I have in the Halloween theme. Once I work on the 2015 quilts, more of this scrap-stach will grow.

I did finish the Winter Solstice Protection Amulet for a swap that begins November 1. There is a bag of leather scraps in the closet, and last year, I bought a bag of odd jewelry pieces. And then I took a walk in my gardens to find the twig. There is a vine growing and spreading like it should near my shed. When I went underneath the arbor, I spotted at least three Hummingbird nests and nests for other small birds. No wonder the neighbor's cat likes being back there! In creating the protection amulet, I decided to spread some of that energy towards the vulnerable birds that may come. I read somewhere that cats are more responsible for bird mortality than any other cause. There is no way to really stop that from happening because there are feral cats here in my neighborhood along with the two from next door that roam here night and day. I do keep the bushes trimmed under my bird feeder so the birds can see their predators better. Thing is, I like seeing the birds and I like cats. I do feed the birds and there is a water source in my garden that both species appreciate.

Plans got changed for basting that Butterfly Wings quilt and hopefully it can get done this morning. So I am off to the clubhouse with little else to write this morning.