Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Quilt of 2014

The Butterfly Wings quilt is completed now and ready to ship out on Monday. Many thoughts came to me as I did the hand work on this binding and attached a label. I have always enjoyed butterflies and see their transformation from caterpillar to winged flight as one of transformation and freedom. Its sort of a given with them.

However, with this, more thoughts about love came into play. The quilt is to be an anonymous gift to a child who is only going to get it and not know why. (I am proud that my younger Son commissioned it for this child. He has a loving heart. He wants no credit, and that makes it a gift he is paying forward.)

The need for love is universal. We all seek some sort of affirmation or assurance that we are loved and needed, and that who we are makes a difference in the world.

Sometimes having a quilt to cover us and cuddle up under brings a comfort when no other love is around to help us feel ok. It can be a time when we learn how to nurture ourselves, how to be gentle and caressing to the spirit-being within. Unconditional self-love is a challenge that has to start somewhere.

Love breeds love. We almost need to shower it upon ourselves as we wait in our cocoons for the right moment when coming out of what holds us so tightly gives us wings. This is the energy put into the quilt and I can only hope that little girl feels it.