Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 3 Butterfly Wings: Charm Blocks

Besides working on this quilt, I got outside and transplanted 3 of my Lavender bushes to the south side of my house under the bedroom window. I want to get a few more plants and make my own mini Lavender Field in the garden. Its a plant that does well in this weather. The other event was the delivery and setup of a new stove.

The final stage for the Butterfly Wings quilt center required focus in order for each of the blocks to have the charm logs. Tomorrow will be more of a formal layout to audition the blocks next to each other but this is an idea to see how it works. The charm theme means only one fabric is used in each block with the exception of the butterfly square shown here in upper right top corner of the blocks. As the blocks grew, it meant ensuring that there were strips long enough to fit that had not been used. Random yes, but a planned randomness.

What I found interesting is that in order to make the charm-style blocks, being unique is what created each 'community' & made it more interesting than when the colors coordinated. Its going to be a little girl's very bright quilt. What I notice is that some colors stand out so much more than others do, and even at this stage of its creation, I am not sure what the dominant colors will be. And again, its like seeing introverts and extroverts as fabric art.

The borders of course will stand out, or at least I hope they do. I am so impressed how many fabrics are leaving the 2.5" strip stash container. I was also surprised how many fabrics had butterflies on them.  

Going out in the mail to my friend Crow Calling Woman is the October embroidery swap, and 12.5" block for the back. My selection for this month is "Zombie Girl Mandala" from The Floss Box. While all the cats here are black, the girls each represent one of the elements in their garb and have formed a magickal circle. Really a cute pattern.

A few swaps came in the mail today and simply made my day. One had seasonal confetti in the box with other goodies. It was shaped like black bats and orange pumpkins. Such a silly thing, but really made me smile as they spilled onto the floor. I kept finding the tiny bats clinging to everything for some time later.

I am really glad to be open to receive. Not sure why I waited so many years to declare that.