Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quality of Life

The Zombie Run was held outside of town on a jogging trail yesterday after the last of one my classes. So it was a full day for me away from quilting and embroidering. Weather was in the high 70's with nothing but blue sky overhead.

Its funny to see the folks dressed up as their Zombie personas still smiling for the camera rather than to assume a character move and attitude. It made me think about how our self-image is stuck in our self-esteem and that we have to 'look good' whenever we are out of our bedrooms or personal spaces. Being a Zombie means we look scary or icky or bad with torn flesh. Yet...

There were folks down the trail with flags and if a Zombie were to touch them, the flag needed to be surrendered without fighting back. Touched meant dead, and dead is dead. If a flag-holder could get to the finish line with their flag, they got a prize.

I am not a fan of Zombie movies because of the violence required to stop them, and simply the scare factor. I do understand how humans feel about their flaws, and the need for compassion vs. the need for survival and safety. Participants on this run were in their 20's so probably still working out some of those issues as they put on the look.

Today, I am back doing various Winter Solstice projects and getting my home and gardens ready for Winter. I came away from the trail site knowing that I am safe, and that is a huge gift to have.