Saturday, October 4, 2014


Sometimes things just don't go as I plan. It happens and over the years, I've learned to release my expectations and go with the flow. That's what happened with this recent Pay It Forward. Tonight I cut out the third of the Dresden Plate Turkeys for mug rugs, and none of them are going to people who signed up this time.

They need pressing and more joining before they are laid over the background fabric. Then the center circle needs to go on and all of it is machine stitched to hold it in place. I've already re-assigned them, and am giving them as gifts.

The second one is at the stage of appliquéing its body on, and then the beak and waddle. I've already cut the batting and back pieces for it. Then it will be ready to do some simple echo quilting on the machine.

The first one I finished has everything done on it. I found strips for all of them to use as binding. Its so interesting how they all turn out just a little differently based on whatever scraps there are to use and how the mood strikes me.

The other thing I prepared today was the Santa's Birdhouses quilt. Originally, I made this top for my younger Son. However, he is getting that gorgeous Kaleidoscope quilt I made at the retreat this year. Santa's quilt was homeless until Bob commented on the PIF post. It is the size of a tall lap quilt.

I've got an appointment on Monday at the clubhouse to baste it and have pins, batting, and backing ready now. It should go together easily and be ready to ship out with the other seasonal quilts come November.

The computer online connection was down in my area yesterday, so it meant that I scrambled and went into the library to do a few things. I teach two classes at the library; One is a Creative Writing Forum and the other is a more intense topic that helps attendees get their documents in place for end of life issues and care.

Its just so typical that what happened yesterday about the online connection is what can happen in life. We simply never know if we have time to finish that quilt project or sign the papers we need to sign.

Well, I am back online, still have a computer guy coming Monday morning to give my IMac a going over, and also am basting that last quilt of the season.

More later on things that got moved along to a finished state while being without my usual computer-fix.