Thursday, October 9, 2014

Binding Bob's Quilt

The quilting went surprisingly fast on this one.

It simply needed a different stitch than the diagonal one first planned for it. The layout made it easy to do. But its going to be heavier than I thought because of the backing. It was a piece of fabric that just fit and came from Lee's estate. I am not sure what it is nor what she had planned for it.

In her final years quilting, Lee was in the process of making quilts for her Grandsons, so my guess is that this dark taupe piece either was going to be a part of one of them or was a leftover. The binding was also a piece of fabric from her stash and gives the back a bit of interest. The quilt is folded over on itself several times. The front is such a busy piece that it needed to have a solid back. As it lays on my loveseat as I type, it just makes me smile.

The binding is attached and pinned in place to hand stitch it. Usually it will take me three nights for it, so two more to go after this one. I am in no real hurry to finish it as it will get shipped about mid-November with the others. I really enjoy having the quilts lay over my lap as the nights get chillier. 

Sure, I could close the windows against the night air, but this is why quilts exist!