Friday, October 17, 2014

Am I Blue?

The 6" block swap partner for this month requested blue & white with white on white colors using the Churn Dash pattern, and she said she would take a wonky Churn too. The Churn Dash is a beginner's block, so they say.

I bought 3 Fat Quarters for the project from one of the stores in town. I kept in mind that the blocks are small so getting the contrast is more challenging. Of course, the first attempt switched the last row to go on so I ended up with Wonky. I actually LIKE the darker one to the left of the picture. It has a lot of character. Is it amazing how both are wonk-ified and yet turned out differently!

After ripping and re-doing, they are correct for the pattern, however, far less interesting. Also, the lighter blue gives the block less contrast, so my plan is to do another set with the third fabric I bought and perhaps redo these. They will not go into my Orphan bin because I signed up for a Stocking Swap with the theme of "Blue" and think I will use one of these and make a mug rug as the gift for it. I want to re-rip the darker of the two and return it to the Wonky stage above, which I think is really attractive.

This experience felt like one teaching me vulnerability. Oh I can accept the vulnerability in others so much more than I can accept my own. Sometimes we can push our own re-do buttons and other times, we need to just accept what choices we have made and figure out how to make the best of what we have in the here and now. And go on. 

The Butterfly Wings quilt is still going through a layout plan. I took off some of the blocks during the 'audition' to make it more the size a little grrrl could wrap up in. Doing 30 blocks makes it a hefty twin size for a bed, but not something she can drag around and wrap up in. The challenge will be in finding a print for the back and that means a trip to the big city on Sunday. I looked here in town and wasn't turned onto anything I saw. It will be important to match that lovely royal blue underneath the butterflies to something for the back.