Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Marking the Quilts

I've heard it said that if you do your best, someone might like it. 

I know that there are many systems around that are simply ideas, theories or practices quilters find and use that work for them. We are never guaranteed success in what we do if we use someone else's standards. Its too easy to be haunted by fears that we don't measure up or that our best is not good enough.

I chose to tape my quilting lines because of all the colors in this quilt. Its not the recommended method, but the tape is dollar store quality and barely holds on, so it will not leave a residue, PLUS, it will get removed right away when the seam is stitched, and brushed clean. The first set of quilting lines for this quilt was much easier because it went on the diagonal through the blocks. The cross bars go through the focus block and need help keeping the line. I've taped the first half of it here, which should take me through the morning.

I like Butterfly Wings more every time I lay it across my bed to check my work. It is bright, cheery and will be functional. It is scheduled to ship out on Monday. It is going to a child I do not know, do not know how it will be cared for nor if she will like it and use it. What is always vital with my work is that what I do pleases me, and that I do my best in creating it. My personal practice is to piece the back with a reversible look to it so that it can also serve as a quilt on its own if the front is too wild, or the wrong colors. 

I am doing my best & will let it go.