Saturday, October 11, 2014


There is quite a history to the word and garment 'apron'. It seems they have been enjoying a resurgence in the last few years. However, they are not cheap to buy nor cheap to make. And in fact, they can be relatively complex to make.

The two fabric shops in town are participating in "Shop Hops" and....shaking my head...I just spent over $30 in each store. Not much I suppose, however, it is for my budget.

I bought seasonal fabrics and an apron pattern. Easy, it says, and so far it has been. One of the volunteers had this apron on & it looked cute on her. I know that I still have a lot of different fabrics in my stash that range from larger pieces to scraps, so when I purchase new, I try to match what I remember having for my next potential projects. I wasn't thinking aprons.

This is going to my Daughter-In-Law whose birthday is the end of November and often on Thanksgiving weekends. The focus fabric is wordy and the coordinating fabrics, well, coordinate. It could be reversible but isn't meant to be. I fell in love with the heart-shaped leaves. The back is a sort of feather print and works as the third piece. And there will be buttons. Two buttons.

I've seen many aprons worn in my family. One of my Grams used to do a cross stitch over gingham for hers. They always looked so fresh. At the time, I never asked for one as a memento. The other Gram wore those white kitchen-chef utility aprons from the restaurant they owned that always went into a very hot wash probably with bleach. I have a Winter Solstice apron that has hung in my kitchen for as long as I can remember, and I have used it as a pattern to make others for gifts. But I am the type of baker who uses hand towels. I want to change that and start putting on an apron when I am in the kitchen.

The next step for this project is making the ties, which are laid out next to the apron body. Its the tube thing, which I suck at so, once again, another opportunity to practice something. Then, everything is top stitched and done. If it turns out ok, my plan is to make two more from the fabrics I have here and use what I make as gifts for Winter Solstice.