Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How Disappointing

My October block partner emailed me to say the block I sent her was only 12" and she couldn't use it! It just threw me to the curb to think that I sent it off without checking the measurements, which are supposed to be 12.5" square. 

I found a pattern that I've made before and cut out what I had left of the reds. I was most careful to measure twice to cut once. And it came together beautifully. However, it was 1/4" too small!!!!

What I learned is that my needle was moving a thread either way and giving me larger than 1/4" seams that are called for in most patterns, and in some cases the needle was actually wavering on a line. 

My reds were all but gone, so I dug into my greens to make this version, which is laid over a cutting mat to show that it is exactly 12.5" on both sides.

My first response to her post was shock, but then as I got into things I realized that once again, there was more to learn. Just the other day I wrote about liberated quilting, and yet to do this kind of work, it really means being on the far side of the requirements to get it correct.

Some swappers depend upon the accuracy of their partners and some, like myself, are ok with joining them in creative ways. There is room for both ideals in the quilting world.

My computer is back now and just needed a good cleaning. Its an IMac, so had to go into the shop and be taken apart with their tools and the right setting. Hey, this goes to show how much I depend upon certain things as being accurate, dependable so that it continues to bring good service. When I take the quilting machine in for servicing, I will ask about this traveling needle setup and see if there is something to be fixed. Meanwhile, I am keeping a closer watch.