Sunday, October 19, 2014

Butterfly Wings - Ready for Back

I read that a wrong-doer is a person who has left something undone more than they have actually done something wrong.

I really didn't know how to make an unplanned quilt. Usually my planning process starts out differently and I know what I am going to do before I start it. My creative wheels were spinning long enough, and there actually had been a lot of resistance for me in getting started with it. I know that blogging about it helps me to be accountable to myself.

This has been an evolutionary quilt, changing sizes, changing layout. The borders are on it and help to make the 3.5" focus squares pop.

It is bright, a good sized quilt for a 5-yr-old, and is a nice modified Log Cabin with the lights and darks forming the pattern. It measures 64"x77" so 4.33 yards will work. I am taking the entire top with me to match something for the back. I think its the size that a kid can drag across the floor and cuddle up under easily. 

I've struggled with a number of things while making this quilt, and of course it is far from completed. From what I know, quilts going to kids have to stand up to a lot of use, both by the child and also because they will go into the laundry more often. In the past, I've made more of a comforter-quilt for kids this age for that reason, using the WOF by 2.5 yards on both sides and tying the layers. I have not done a pieced quilt for one this age.

As I look at this pic above, the thought about machine quilting using a channel stitch makes more sense. It will hold the diagonal lines for each block and re-inforce the seams. The more lines in a quilt, the stiffer it becomes, and so I need to do some calculating or measuring and am guessing I would like to make them about 3" apart.

It seems to me that this kind of quilting is like creating healthy spaces, which are totally different than creating unhealthy barriers. We draw lines in our physiological dirt all the time, creating boundaries and borders to declare our personal space or property; to keep things in or out; to define and hone who we are.

The concept of Butterfly Wings has always been to promote new growth and freedom of expression for this little girl. There is a yellow Princess fabric for some of the logs and some logs also have butterflies on them, some have flowers, and most are plain, waiting for her own dreams to land and grow.

Again, the right use of will and action is what makes us human and defines us as part of humanity. It is my hope that the energy I've been putting into this quilt will be felt even more than the bright colors of it are seen. 

And I may never know.