Friday, October 24, 2014

Finish Something Friday

Some months ago, I made a commitment to finish "something" on Fridays, and for awhile it got me going and gave me a sense of accomplishment. However, quilting doesn't always give me a finished project at the end of every week. Its not really how it works for me. Another thing that doesn't work for me is getting myself locked into the demands of a routine. I like the freedom I've created for myself that lets me move from project to project.

However, I do have several of them. This first one isn't finished but it is pin basted and ready to machine quilt. I've got that step down so I can book about an hour of my time to it. It really helps me to take pics of my projects and lets me see how it looks through the camera eye. This one, for instance is a scrappy log cabin, and with the picture, my eye lets me see the contrast between light and dark. The yellow on the back will be quite cozy and comforting.

The next project I tried with scraps is called a Jester's Bag. It takes two coordinating fabrics cut 9x22. To finish it, I need 6 small bells for each end and a circular curtain rod hanger to close it. I found an elastic hair tie & will skip the bells. It comes out small. 

I also added a bit of lace to the back of the 4" Dotee Doll and when I laid both projects together, it seemed that they were a perfect match, so the Doll will get shipped in the bag after being wrapped in some tissue paper. I feel better about her now.

And then I made another apron for one of my Nieces. Yes, the bag was made from apron leftovers. I worked hard to make this one reversible, though it is without a pocket on the other side, it still looks nice.

I do have a sense of accomplishment, but not because there was a deadline on Friday. There are a number of things I didn't get done and so its easy to fall into the trap of being disappointed with myself about it. 

There's that dis-word again. All of them, all the dis-words are just waiting in the weeds to pop up and change our moods and attitudes. When I did an online search for "dis" as a root word, 1691 of them came up such as:

It is believed that Dis was the Roman god of the underworld and means to take away or to deprive one of the part of the word that comes after. So when either I use a dis-word or hear one, it makes me take notice of what is going on around me. Its a very subtle negative energy and one I don't want.

There are a few more non-quilting projects for family that I have going that will get shipped off towards the first part of December. I've backed off from offering any more Pay It Forward projects for the rest of this year.

A full container of projects sits that the end of my hall waiting for my attention as soon as 2014 is fully wrapped up. And it actually is exciting because taking them out again will be like opening holiday gifts!