Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Butterfly Wings Quilt

My younger Son called and asked if I could make a quilt for a small girl who lives in a single parent household. He didn't give me much more detail and asked what I needed. Batting. I need batting for any more larger projects, so he ordered and shipped 5 packages to me. 

My stash held a lovely royal blue with butterflies on it that would work for this child. I pulled out all sorts of scraps that are on the butterfly wings. I tried coming up with a pattern that would work, so spent time sorting those into categories: Houses, Patriotic, Holiday, separate blocks.

I found a pattern from one of the stores in town that actually uses a butterfly focus and created a test block. It is a modified Log Cabin with the center block in the lower left corner with the logs that are quite scrappy. My next step was to measure the logs and start cutting.

I laid scraps out to make sure I would have enough for 29 more blocks. The blocks will sit 5 across and 6 down. There is enough of the butterfly print to make a border and binding for it, so the next stage is to start the piecing, and then join the blocks. 
The batting comes next Monday, & after that, basting and machine quilting. It is amazing how much of my stash is being used here and clearing out my bins. I am incredibly pleased to find a good home for it all.

The apron finished beautifully. I want to make two more of them for holiday gifts. I am not a fan of the technical work it takes to make an apron. And while one would think they are a one size fits all kinda project, I find that that is not the case. This apron is slimming, with almost what is called a peplum style, creating a flare below the waist line. It is a slimming style for most body shapes. This pattern went together easily, taking about 2 yards of fabric to finish it. I really like it.