Friday, October 31, 2014

When Veils Between the Worlds Thin

Today is the mundane holiday for Halloween. It is believed that the veils between the worlds thin now, which means our consciousness travels to those we love who have passed from this world. The one soul who has been on my mind is one of my Nieces who passed after a year-long battle with leukemia. I was making her a Winter Solstice quilt, and put it away unfinished. I decided it is going to her Brother.

Named "Auntie M", the scrappy quilt is really lovely. The original and very old pattern is called Aunt Sukey's Choice. Its tradition in quilting to rename the quilt and yet attempt to use part of the original pattern name in it. Obviously, this was also a nod to the "Wizard of Oz" movie & me as her Auntie.

I brought the quilt out from its storage bag, and laid it across my bed to see what there was left to do. I pulled all the loose threads, and checked seams. But I couldn't do more.

And I knew it needed to leave my hands. I tossed it into the dryer on a no-heat setting and sat with it again.

When Death takes a soul, it always seems harder to accept when the person is young, has children to raise, a husband to love and so much life left to live. Her death has been very hard on all of us.

Quilts are meant to give comfort. They cannot replace the person who has moved on, but maybe being underneath the little bit of warmth they give, we can hold on to the dreams and maybe release some of the tears.

There actually was one more line of quilting I wanted to do on the border. I just couldn't. I just couldn't add to the unfinished work any more than I can add to Manda's unfinished life. Sometimes done is done.

Later today, I will write a note to my Nephew about this quilt. She was Auntie to his Sons and so it seems that their home is where the quilt belongs.