Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Week of October

Hard to believe that October is almost over. It was a cold and cloudy day without rain, and just enough wind to keep me inside.

I worked a little more on Jake's Lego Playmat to get it to lay flat. My 24" ruler is near the center, so it shows how big that circle is. And the blue circle in the middle is from a 10" square cut as close to the edges that I could get. Laying flat will be the secret to making it a good play area for the inside fabric. So many steps left to this project. That's my red magnetic pin catcher for those of you who don't have one. (Priceless when the pins dump and you have to find them all or get stuck!)

This is the second fabric basket. Its not quite as colorful as the holiday fabric, and the actual fabric is not so light. The fabric looks like the same color as the strap! I am pleased with how they turn out and did make a few minor adjustments to make it work better as it was assembled.

The other project was working on my embroidery blocks. I'm doing one set as a swap with my friend CrowCallingWoman in colors, and one for a personal project using Halloween blackwork. While I like the blackwork, and its an art form in and of itself, there is more of a challenge to the embroidery pattern when full color selections are used. I am really called to task to make some choices for color values and placement.

Today, I am baking the first set of cookies to send back to kids in the family. These are cutouts of a cat, a horse and a person, all of which will get skeleton bones made with Royal Icing. The batches are less than a couple dozen. The only postal service is later in the day so they will have time to set.