Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fabric Baskets

With the success from making Fabric Boxes, I decided to up the game...or at least the size. I found a tutorial for TrickorTreatFabricBaskets.pdf  which are called that because they were made with Halloween fabric. I am so done with Halloween projects for this year. However, the project only took a few hours, so that part is good.

There is a line in the Old Testament in the book of Ecclesiastes (I am neither Jewish nor Christian, but have read that book 4x in my life) that says "The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong". Its a good quote and only makes sense to me during this stage of my life.

What interests me is finding small things I can make as gifts for Winter Solstice that will also help me use up scraps. The basket finishes at 8"x10" and 5" tall. While it is not made to be reversible, that might be owner's choice.

I want to make another one for my Daughter-In-Law for Solstice and will use Earthy non-holiday colors. OK, ok, part of my color choice had to do with the leftover strapping I have from an earlier project. Making fabric ties or belts is not my favorite thing to do.

Just lightly singe the edges and it doesn't ravel.

This isn't a project I will do more than twice because I am not sure I see the value in them. I did find another pattern for a fabric BUCKET that really makes the size a bit larger. There are also utility fabric box patterns to make as well. I guess if I had a specific thing in mind for them, it would make a difference. For as soft sided as they are, they might have a purpose for somethings, and could probably sit around until that purpose is found.It makes me grateful for the insight to know I can do a thing and let it go.