Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lego Playmat

Among the gifts I am making this year is a Lego Playmat for my younger Grandson. The pattern is simple enough and is based upon the Dresden Plate format.

If there is ever a challenge with Legos, its storage. He is still at the stage where they are kept in the box they came in rather than being dumped together, but that stage is next. Thing is, this is big enough to hold those first boxes/ packages. The real benefit of this is that he can play on it and then pull the ropes for easy pickup.

Forty (40) blades are cut 4.5" x 22" so work really well for FQs. The next cuts are 1.75" at the bottoms on both sides to create the wedges. I wanted to make it a charm circle (each fabric only used once) and avoided any grrrly looks, though I did include a lilac floral. This step is the first pairing of two pieces. What I tried to do was to use a fabric that either was solid or read solid and just kept joining them as was possible. 

Then they went to the ironing board for a good press with the seams going in one direction so as not to fight the final layout. With such narrow ends, the stitching started getting a bit more complex for fit and pressing opened them up.

I laughed at myself because I still do not trust the random-layout factor. These went together 2 at a time, then 4, then 8, and on. At the final stage, I ripped one section in half to move a 'gathering of greens' and just let them lay out more evenly.

I was pleased with the final circle and it is as random looking as it can be. The center circle is going to be a dark blue with gold dots. Its a 10" piece. It is machine stitched at this point rather than hand stitched for utility purposes. Then the inside piece is cut to fit the outside circle and joined at the outside seam & turned, pressed and top stitched. I need to buy a grommet kit when the inside and outside are joined and then it will be done!

I finished my Godson's fabric box too. Its just a bit larger than the ones I first made. It stands about 4" tall and 6" across. Each side has a different gold button on it from my button jar. But they look so sweet on there. I'll put a note with suggested uses.

I did complete the binding on one more mug rug as well. I am far from finished with my holiday gifts but am so relaxed knowing how many are completed and ready to ship.

People scoff at early advertising for the holidays, and yet, anyone who does make their gifts knows that its so much better to start early and not get stressed over time limitations.