Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Naughty & Nice

I finished the mug rug that I made from an idea I saw online. I thought it would be fun to make one that was reversible and discovered how difficult it actually was to line things up. Its a bit early to ship it off so it will sit around here for a couple of weeks.

Each side is embroidered with either Naughty or Nice on it, and then the three main parts are flipped too so the quilting would work on them. I put a pin at various corners so that the machine lines would cover both sides. It makes me smile that being dead-on-accurate is less a value than I realized. For me close enough is good enough. Yet, in the last couple of days, I have come to realize that other people clearly see it differently and hold to a different standard.

A couple of things make my camera-eye dance as I take these photos...the white with color and then also the red and white pin stripe. I took several pics before just settling on these. After awhile, taking photos of the object became less important to me. And again, the sides of the MR are not as wavy as it shows maybe just from the MR leaning on my love seat arm.

This camera does have that shake-setting and it still gets blurry. I know that the longer I try to focus, the less steady my hands get. I am simply not buying a better camera to take pictures for this blog. 

It might be that I am more in a place of accepting my own fragility than I am needing that perfection. I clung to perfectionism far too long in my life and sometimes think I set too high a standard for myself. Its probably just as true with anything we set out to do that spending time doing things is more pleasurable even if we don't win first place at the activity. Its not that I want to put out anything substandard or do less than my best at what I do, but somethings are simply less important.

Making that MR was more important to me than taking the perfect picture of it is.