Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Day in Front of the Windows

While waiting for the car repair guy to check out my car (yes, they come to the house here in Tehachapi and even drive it back to the shop), I wanted to do some paper crafting so I could be in the front of the house. He knocks so quietly that I don't hear him.

It gave me a chance to finish the foreign cancelled stamp project I started. I need to put some decoupage on it, cut it to post card sizes, and use the remainder as notes when I send swaps. It turned out nice. If I do this again, and most likely will, I might want to take time to sort stamps into like sizes and draw grid lines. It almost looks like a quilt!

And then I laid out the blocks to my younger Grandson's quilt, built from International swaps and some of my own. As I looked at it, I thought about how it would be machine quilted and am not sure yet how that will work. Some blocks have a speciality look, which means they do not have the usual piecing. They might do better with shadow quilting (an outline) and so would have to go on corners for ease on the machine. I bought a green print for sashing and gold for corner stones. While waiting in the room in front of my windows, I went through my patterns and settled on two that are not in the assortment, and have cut out the pieces for them. Looks like this quilt will be 5 blocks wide by 5 blocks long.

The car's throttle box needs replacing and the part might be here some time later in the week. I'm not sure if the car guy will take the car to his shop or do the work outside the house. Either way, I know that I will need to plan ahead for projects that can be done in front of my windows.