Sunday, June 28, 2015

Feeling the Extremes

Someone once told me that 'all' Aries think in absolutes, such as believing that 'all risks will cost you something' or 'all relationships come to an end' or 'everyone will let you down' or 'no one will ever like you'. I remember hearing that 'every Aries is good at starting something and horrible at finishing'. 

Its hard to write new stories about yourself and even harder to give people a chance to change. 

Rob's Quilt is nearly finished. The backing on it is really stunning. There were two pieces of coordinating gold, so I used the larger of the two for the center and made the paisley the first border. Then that dark blue stripe is on the outside. It really looks nice. This quilt was started several months ago, like most of them I work on. 

I am an Aries Sun, Mercury, Rising and so with that combination my tendency is to love new things, to start many things, and keep them going. 

I DO finish projects and love the sense of accomplishment that brings.

The front of this quilt makes use of 10" blocks joined randomly together. Well, in truth, my version of 'random' is a bit planned so that the color values of light, medium, bright and dark play off each other in a way that only makes it look random. True random, such as tossing them into a bag and drawing them out without planning is way too chaotic for me. I guess it is something I know about myself and know that when I make a quilt such as this one, there needs to be some forethought.

The brave new world that is possible for me in quilting, in the fabric arts, is one wholly created by my positive efforts and desire for a positive outcome.

I am not sure how we plug each other into areas of behavior or attitude. Not all people born under Aries or any other sun sign are the same or react the same. Not all men are the same, not all women, not all children. Not all dogs or cats. We are simply not the same even though in many ways, we really are.

Currently, there is a theory that "all people born in this younger generation have their heads bent over their cell phones". But that cannot be true if one factors in countries of young people who are simply seeking medical care, food and water and want desperately to feel safe.

To live with absolutes is an arrogant attitude. It generalizes, judges, assumes. I want to look at how I might still be doing this and change it. I really think it is fear-based thinking.