Monday, June 29, 2015


Its always amazing to me the different kinds of friends that I have made in my lifetime. I got a call from a grrrl-hood friend tonight and we chatted for over 70 minutes which is a record-setting phone call for me. I don't like the phone.

Part of the time was spent catching up, but more of it was affirming who we are and that we are connected. Memories flooded in about the teenage parties we went to, the ups and downs of being young Mothers and Wives, and the shared losses of Elders who have gone into the light ahead of us. We didn't need reminders of those times, because they are delicious memories that exist in a forever warm space. Just hearing our voices was enough. We talked about growing older and laughed how we never paid attention to that part of life looming before us when we were so young. As she said good-bye, she told me she was glad she called. 

I will often ask what was the best part of my day, and this day, it was those 70 minutes.

Earlier, I chatted with a new friend, a quilting swap partner who lives on the other side of the world. We have a lot in common too, and a lot about us that is dissimilar. Yet, we are quilters. This July, we will each make the other a quilt block and do our best. Doing one's best is always a given, however, when the swap partners take the time to know a little bit about each other, our best becomes even better.

Friendships are quite fragile no matter if they have been long-term or ones just started. Say something that is taken in a way you didn't mean and the other person can write you off. Friendships do have a purpose. Some teach us lessons, some guide us, some stop us from making fools of ourselves, and some help us make foolish choices. It just depends.

The more I quilt, the more I realize how much a solitary practice it is or can be. Its a time I use to think about people in my life, especially those I am creating quilts for. I can actually say to a person that I had been thinking a lot about them and never call or email. And that may not even count in the greater scheme of friendship...they don't know they have been on my mind any more than I know if they think about me. Making those mini connections is really so easy and yet few of us make the call.