Monday, June 22, 2015

Winter Solstice in June

My decision to work on Winter Solstice gifts throughout the year has been a good one. I am surprised at how much work there has been to do and how much time it is actually taking me to get things done.

This month, I worked on a ruffled apron for my eldest Granddaughter. It had been planned earlier, and cut, so in this session, I pressed 1/4" seams over, and top-stitched bottom and side hems. Then placed two running stitches at the top for gathering. It was only one step on the pattern with many, many more to go. Aprons are not easy to make. Mine has hung on a cupboard drawer knob for years. I forget to put it on. However, I like the idea of having them.

Aprons give me a sense of connection with women in my life, my Grandmothers in particular. Both wore them. My maternal Grandmother Lizzy used to wear gingham aprons she cross stitched over. Her favorite color was red. I some times wonder if that is why mine is red too. I don't cross stitch and maybe someday I will make myself one. 

Working on Sami's apron gave me a time-out from the re-do on the Cat quilt. That old adage of 'no pain, no gain' seems nonsensical to me when it comes to quilting. Its not that I avoid stress, however, I do like to think I manage it. I really dislike putting any sort of negativity into my work. There are a lot of projects on my sidebar lists in their various steps that I can do without missing a beat in a regular work day. I like the variety and do not see it as multi-tasking.

Stress is an interesting concept for me. I know that its not always as manageable as I would like, but I do work at keeping it a bit more balanced. Over the years, I have taken various steps to reduce it or at least recognize it, and then find alternative ways of coping. Still, there are plenty of times when I reach for the Rescue Remedy, and other times when stressors get the better of me and I start running down that proverbial rabbit trail of anxiety.

Quilting, on the other hand, is a stress reducer for the most part, so when something is not going the way I want, then I do step away from the project.