Monday, June 1, 2015

Harvesting Lavender

Lavender is a favorite herb of mine, and I have one plant that started growing in the sun and is now in shade because the trees stand taller. Its preference is full sun, so next fall, I plan to plant at least three more in the South garden. 

Some of it was ready to harvest, and filled a large basket. I've never had the experience of insects with the harvest but am always on the lookout. After being spread on my studio floor, it got separated into several vases to stand up tall, got hung upside down, or cut shorter for sachet bags. Some will be dry in a few days, others hanging might take a week. If there is going to be an issue with bugs, it would show up in the first hour when they are spread on paper bags. I've just never had any problems with them.

Dealing with this project took me away from most of my quilting today, but this room smells extraordinary! I do not mind the switching of energetic gears.

While watching a movie video, I finished the binding on the Mystery Quilt named Comfort & Joy, and all that is left to it is to check for loose threads and ensure the seams are correct. Its surprises me that it looks so nice and will be a perfect quilt for a young man. For as lovely as they turn out, Mystery Quilts present a real lesson in letting go of any control I might have. There is simply no way that you can envision how the project will look. Its getting way warm in the house to have a quilt over my lap. Soon the AC will go on and it will be nice to have a cover.