Friday, June 5, 2015

A New Cat

With a new cat in the house (he is 7-years-old), as he is adapting, so must I. Its like having a vulnerable child around. Things I took for granted with my environment, or let slip as part of housekeeping, such as leaving loose threads on the floor or not putting pins away, are habits that need to go. Soon enough, we will both get into a routine.

I went into town to buy a few things that didn't come with him from his previous home, such as this litter catcher mat. Its a convenience for both of us. I did not get him some toys but after he pulled a bird decoration from one of my plants this morning and was batting it around like crazy, I realized that he would welcome the activity of some small toys.

Meanwhile, I want to be sure he doesn't get into the habit of laying on any fabric or finished quilts. Its up to me to keep them in their containers and off of any furniture. 

His entry into my life is a huge shift. After my last cat took ill and passed over the rainbow bridge into the Light ahead of me a couple of years ago, I did not think it was wise for me to share my life again. Rico, his name is Rico, lived in a household with an infant whom they determined was allergic to cats. As soon as I saw his photo, my heart opened and so did my home.

Besides the cleaning and re-organizing, I did do some quilting. This is a 4th of July Mug Rug for a swap that's binding is almost ready to be hand sewn. I am also working on the same two quilts right now....the Cat Paper Piecing project and my older Son's Constellations quilt. Both are top priority to finish.

Again, they will take up most of my time until they are completed. And of course, there is gardening to do. This is the season where the lawn needs mowing a couple times a week and because I put in some new plants outside of the underground water system, they need watering every day. I love being outdoors and it becomes harder to want to stay inside and sew.