Thursday, June 25, 2015

Family Matters

Its exciting to watch the start of a new generation come into our family. My Cousin's Son (then my Cousin-Once-Removed) and his Wife are having their first baby. So there is a baby shower in July. While I cannot return to MN for this event, I did spend time today making a couple of fabric baskets. 

I had some cute aqua fabric with frogs on it and matched it with a royal blue. Most new parents disregard that old tradition of blue for boys and pink for grrrls. Jenni likes blues in her home, and all shades of it will be welcomed. I did get to the store and bought a few things to stuff in them, such as a baby thermometer, a little rubber fireboat, and a dishwasher basket to hold bottle top/nipples. 

I've been told by more than one person that people in the younger generations are not so much into holding onto family traditions, and so are pretty specific what they want in their lives. I am still in a state of observing the truth of this. 

I honestly believe we need a level of connection to our tribes to meet our desires so belong somewhere. Admittedly, our family of origin learning ground can be mighty hurtful, so I understand the appeal of social circles. I do see that some folks say they like choosing their families and place a lot more value on those relationships. Maybe its easier to walk away from friendly relationships than it is to sever bloodlines when they become hurtful. Less guilt or something.

I will ask preferences when I plan to make a gift for someone, but know that after hearing them, I will still need to do my own thing based on what I can afford, what I have on hand and what I care to do. I am strongly committed to using what I have first. And that certainly breaks with old traditions as well as current consumerism patterns. Its part of personal self-care. I really want to come as close as I can to pleasing them. And of course that means, in some cases, my actions might cause people to roll their eyes and to use my gifts a little while and put them in a thrift store for someone else.

By the way, I just call the guy having a baby my Cousin. That whole family tree hierarchy is for honest genealogy buffs keeping records or tracing parentage, and because we are still living, we know who we are.