Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Star Flower

Windows are almost in. He's coming again at 7 am to finish up. Wow, does it brighten the inner world, not only with clear glass but also with white frames. They slide wonderfully!

I went with my friend Carol to help a woman deal with a quilter's estate. The woman, the survivor, does not quilt but was good friends with the quilter who passed, and is the recipient of the home and its contents. The quilter, bless her heart, has ROOMS and endless boxes filled with fabric and notions, including several quilting machines. There is no way she could have made a quilt with every kit she bought. Her friend, the survivor, tried to put what she sees as like fabrics with like. It is an overwhelming task at this stage. I helped look through the boxes and started separating items so they could be listed for sale. Some projects are still in their bags as kits and have pricetags on them. Most fabrics and notions are not priced and are often in their original bags, sealed and unopened.

When I returned home, three of four windows were in, and the last one, in the bathroom was going to shatter because the frame was so tight around it. It did. He is finishing the outside by caulking the frames and has a bit to do inside as well.

I finished one block called the Star Flower Block. (link to Star Flower block pattern) My partner for this swap is making a Seahawks quilt, so she asked for that bright blue and bright green. I do hope this works for her. There are two different blues in it that match.

Yes, I bought fabric and some thread at the estate pricing. One bag holds more than enough fabric that will work for a Valentine's Day quilt; one has 4 yards of cardinals and 23 shades of red FQ's; one has B&W cat novelty fabric, panel and 3 coordinating prints. While I paid a fair price for what I got, I need to watch what I buy when I go back to help again on Wednesday. The Valentine's Day quilt is the only one I actually wanted for 2016, and will be made for a specific family member. The other two, are purchases 'just because'. That is a very scarey way to spend money.

Seeing yet another estate like this shows me how easy it is to gather and stash. And having my day disrupted by the window installer shows me how easy it is to step away from a routine and get little done in a day.