Thursday, June 4, 2015

Planned Randomness

I wonder why I thought planning randomness would be that easy.  Its not. Seems there is more work at many levels of a project required than if it just was unplanned.
I finished basting another quilt and think it will look nice with a stitched seam echoing the joining seams for the blocks. Thing is, that means it must be in alignment with the N-S/E-W seams on back. Hmm. Luckily, this quilt can go out when it is finished and I am able to have it sit awhile.

The primary finish for right now is the Cat Paper Piecing quilt, so I plan to draw the stitch line on it today for machine basting the perimeter, and then get to taking off the paper backing and clipping threads. The paper on the back makes me nervous because it won't allow the fabric to lay flat until it is off. My discomfort is because I am out of my usual comfort zone. Duh.

The last two star blocks were added to the Constellations quilt and the next step is to join triangles for the border and then add the border. It's getting there.
And I finished 2 blocks called Broken Herringbone for a quilt block swap partner in Australia. She asked for white as the sashing and one color for the block. I do hope this will work. Its a charming block that finishes at 13", which I hope she keeps to finish her quilt just that tiny bit larger. 

The BOM group issued the 4th block, Jacob's Ladder. This is another 'mystery' quilt that started by me gathering the required number of FQs from my stash and purchasing fabrics for the block frames and borders. It looks like it will be stunning when completed and I do have a plan for who will get it when I am done. These blocks are so easy that I might pull out the B&W project and add some of them to it.

Randomness. It makes me laugh. The other day, a Black & White Norwegian Forest Cat needed a home. I have been saying that I was not going to have animals in my life again, and suddenly here he is. His history says he was hit by a car and so was found in a rescue center 7 years ago. A child in his family is allergic to cat dander, and because he is a long-hair, I am sure that the child needed relief. Of course, he is with me now. Because of him, I am being given another chance to evolve and allow myself to be affectionate and receive affection from another being.

It meant cleaning up my sewing more loose threads, no random needles or pins, and also the loss of some storage so his litter box had a place. I spent a fair amount of time condensing my storage and then sweeping the house with a broom and dust rag.

The Universe always amazes me. I think of the planned randomness She expresses and smile.