Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Second Sunday Simplifying

I guess I need to make appointments with myself to get things done. I've been retired from teaching more than a year now and still have so much on shelves, in closets and...well, everywhere that needs a new home.

Quilting has helped me re-focus. OK, my gardens did too, but they are seasonal and once the work was done in them this year, all I need to do outside is water and weed, and enjoy the view. With quilting, there is always a new project or an older project calling for my attention.

My friend Rex helped me with this photo that has a 2S logo on it for 2nd Sunday. Goddess, she is talented!

I put in place those once-a-month tasks like doing paper crafting or various paper-oriented projects, as well as the monthly time spent working on Winter Solstice gifts. Now, there is another focus and that is taking time out on the Second Sunday of each month to simplify my house and my life. Good goddess, it sure piled up over the years. And not only does it take dusting, every time I look at something on my shelves or in my closets that is not being used, I wonder why I keep it.

This is my life, these are my shelves and my closets. Unless I hire someone to clean for me, and then I would need to sort stuff anyway, I am the only one who is going to get the job done. Its sometimes hard to think of doing yet one more activity that takes me away from quilting. I love it so. Yet, if I can honestly free up space in my home, it will change the energy. 

When I was in school, one of the classes on the Environment asked us to set in place one thing each year that was good for the environment. I did such things as creating a compost section in my yard, having a compost bucket in my kitchen. One year I did start the practice of filling up a grocery bag of things to donate either to the thrift store or the giveaway table. This is simply another step in that process.