Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cat Borders

I've been thinking about parent/child relationships more because my own Mother is closing in on her final days. In her mid-90's already, she is quite diminished from the woman whom she once was. Our relationship changed quite often in the last decade. 

Genuine love, as it seems to me, lifts us up and sets us free. To that end, I find our simple phone conversations (she is in MN 2000 miles from me here in southern Cali) free me to say things to her that she might need to hear to pass on.

The black fabric for the Cat quilt frame went on, and then two thinner batik borders of teal and purples. Next is a wider black border and finally the last batik. It will probably work with black as binding. I've been told that if you do batiks on front, the back is best in another batik. The one I purchased is stunning on its own and will make a perfect reverse. I know that I will need to look at the back of the top again at least once to ensure it is good to go.

What a lesson that is. Its no different from how I feel about my "Mother watch" conversations. It seems to me that no matter what stage we are in our lives, or our quilts, for that matter, making simple adjustments to ensure the work is complete, looks right and is ready for the next step is vital.

The end is in sight for the Cat paper pieced quilt. Its provided me with a number of challenges, made me feel inept at times, as well as given me a sense of accomplishment. I've kept at it because of the depth of love I feel, and had so many wishes that it would come together faster, better, clearer. Yet. Its been all about the journey.

So it is with being a Daughter. We fight for individuality, for our sense of place, to test our limits, to push against someone who remains in life to push against. Being done is not the endgame. It just readies us for what is next.