Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paper Projects

Its hard to turn away from quilting to work on other projects. My desk out front is at the ready for more than a few of them for the next couple of days. There is good light out there and I can watch the birds at the feeder too.

While its no longer a paper project, I just bought three fabrics for the Cat paper pieced project, and of course, that filled me with the desire to keep on keepin' on with it. Luckily, the store was empty and owner had time to help me select what I needed. (Amy left the fabric choices up to me, and while I know she likes pink, none of the pinks in the store worked for either me nor the quilt middle.) 

There are five borders to the Cat quilt, beginning with a black frame, the black of which is repeated again as the 4th border. It was almost stressful for me to cut off the edges of the middle section even though there was a basting stitch around it to help the bias seams hold their line. The first border is on, and the second one ready for pinning. 

Like any relationships we walk away from, once fabric is cut, it is cut & there is really no going back without a LOT of hard work and more investment to replace what was lost. I checked seams again after ripping off all the paper and did have a few that came loose. 

At least all the scraps go to good use pet beds I've donated to the Humane SocietySurprising to think that each pillow is filled with scraps that would otherwise end up in the landfill. This one is the second one filled since the first of the year & stuffed pretty full. The pet bed may end up getting used and then tossed, but at least the fabric got repurposed.

My 3-ring binders for quilting patterns are organized after about an hour. Lots was tossed that either I knew I would not make again, or knew I would never make. There is still so much in them that may never get used. However, they are much more organized with divider tabs and sheet protectors. Ideally, I would like to go through all the magazines and rip out the patterns I want to save and toss the mags to save on space. Unfortunately, I have discovered that many of them only have one pattern I like. Such a waste.