Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Well Dang

I admit that I have become addicted to quilting. And like all addictions, this one whispers in the darkness of my mind. It says, "Stay with me and I will take away all your disappointments. I will make you feel better when you are alone and feel isolated." Hah. Naming an addiction means you have to be willing to see the truth of what happens when you use.

Try as I might, and that was three times ripping out a seam, when I finished this block, I discovered most of the points on it do not work.  I've spent hours on it trying to fix it so I could feel better about my efforts.

Thing is, now I need to make a trip to the quilt store to get some more fabric. I had been concentrating so hard on getting the inside points to work that somehow I missed most of the outer points and need to start again. This might have happened when I trimmed the blocks to make them a 4.5" square. This block is a simple 9-patch, but hey. That's what practicing is all about.

If quilting is an addiction, at least for me, it comes out of the closet with its buga-boos mighty fast. 

Right now, with this failure, I know I could pretend that I am not disappointed, could pretend that I feel ok about it. But that is only living with dishonesty and dysfunction. Freedom from any addiction is facing reality and the truth no matter how it looks or feels. Gahhh, I say. Gahhh and snort!